After Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Changed My life after Hiatal Hernia Repair

 S.J says... 

I am writing to thank the National Health Service for all the care and attention I received in January 2013. I had a Laparscopic Nissen Fundoplication Reflux Disease this year on the 7th January by Mr YKS Viswanath and it has completely changed my life for the better. From my first consultation last year with Mr Viswanath to having my operation was approx 6 months as my problem was not life threating. 

I do not really think that it is a long time to wait and cannot understand why so many people criticise the N.H Service. Mr Viswanath from my first meeting was kind, caring and understanding about my condition and very pleasant, reassuring me that he could give me a better quality of life. "Of which he has done". I know that he was the surgeon who done my operation and I would just like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me a far better quality of life, but I would like to thank all the staff from entering into the operation theatre to coming out. A big thank you also, for I know that Mr Viswanath could not operate without the assistant of his team, and also the kind, care and attention after my operation on the ward who were lovely. 

A very much appreciated thank you to all them. A long we may continue to have a marvellous National Health Service.